Sites about the pharmaceutical sector specializing in treatments and cures for leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases of oncology.

Sites listed here will represent companies which specialize in cancer research.   If this field is not the main focus of the company, please submit to one of the subcategories in Biopharmaceuticals instead.  Manufacturers of established anti-cancer drugs may be submitted here with a view to be included in a Manufacturing subcategory, linked from Pharmaceuticals: Manufacturing.
Please read the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals guidelines as well.

For sites about methods and services to test putative treatments for leukemia or other cancers, which describe the stages, either before, during or after clinical trials.

If your site does not show a specialism in Cancer, please consider a category available from the related link instead.

Sites for companies specializing in research focusing on the treatment or curing cancer, using drugs, cellular and subcellular materials.

Submit sites for pharmaceutical companies that specialize in cancer research. Some credentials, patents and research method outlines must be included in the site. If your site includes cancer research only as part of its portfolio, consider submission to one of the links in the Biopharmaceuticals category instead. (Duplicate submissions will be deleted).