Refers to the research and development of therapeutic compounds which depend on living organisms for their production.
Please follow these guidelines to minimize the delay in listing your site.

Sites specifically about methods of delivering biological drugs, genes and cells to their therapeutic target.

If your site includes pharmaceutical formulation of non-biological drugs, please submit to the Pharmaceuticals: Delivery Systems category instead.
If your site is listed elsewhere in ODP, then use the update request there to move it here, since duplicate submissions will be deleted.

This category links to manufacturing companies in the biopharmaceuticals industry, as well as sites about the manufacturing component of this industry.

Please submit your site to the category representing the sector of the biopharmaceuticals industry represented on the site. Sites will only be listed here if there is no topical category for the main pharmaceutical sector.

Sites targeted specifically at promotion and sales of drugs and therapeutics derived from biological processes, especially by genetic manipulation.  This includes marketing and PR firms serving pharmaceutical companies, who may have other products, but which do not feature as the site's focus.

In order to be listed here, the primary content of the site should be marketing biopharmaceuticals, and the jurisdiction should be clear from the site and description.

Outsourcing refers to the practice of offering contracts to specialists outside the main business.
Sites listed here will provide sub-contracted services, facilities and expertise in particular aspects of the development or production of drugs created by biological modification, or in the compliance processes associated with their production.

This category links to companies actively involved in research and development of their potential therapeutic products, derived from biological rather than chemical synthesis.

This category is reserved for sites that demonstrate activity in research and development of potential biopharmaceutical products, for marketing by the same company. Companies specializing in one or two specific areas, should submit their site to the most appropriate specialist category instead.

Sites for companies that perform their own research, but do not include details on their site, may be found by following links in the Manufacturing category. This includes sites where the only reference to research and development is about clinical trials on existing products.
Sites for companies that perform research for other biopharmaceutical companies either holding patents, or that will manufacture the drug under a different company name may be found by following links in Outsourcing.

Vaccines are used to stimulate the immune system into producing antibodies, so that the individual is thereafter¬†protected from the disease.  Some vaccines have lifelong effects, and others may need to be repeated.

Sites listed here will represent companies which develop and/or manufacture vaccines for use in humans and animals.  If the primary focus is on animal health, please submit to the Veterinary subcategory.