Pharmaceuticals include over-the-counter and prescription medications, vitamins and nutritional supplements. The term also covers drug delivery systems and diagnostic compounds.
Please check the subcategories here to find the one most specific location for your submission, and read these guidelines as well, to minimise the delay in listing it.

Sites will be listed at this level only if there is no single appropriate subcategory.

Refers to the research and development of therapeutic compounds which depend on living organisms for their production.
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Sites about the pharmaceutical sector specializing in treatments and cures for leukemia, lymphoma and other diseases of oncology.

Sites listed here will represent companies which specialize in cancer research.   If this field is not the main focus of the company, please submit to one of the subcategories in Biopharmaceuticals instead.  Manufacturers of established anti-cancer drugs may be submitted here with a view to be included in a Manufacturing subcategory, linked from Pharmaceuticals: Manufacturing.
Please read the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals guidelines as well.

Devices, formulation and drug delivery technologies that improve the performance of pharmaceutical drugs/compounds.
Please submit device and drug delivery related sites to this sites.
This category houses sites for businesses that manufacture or wholesale Ayurvedic herbal remedies. All sites with online sales to consumers belong in Shopping, and will not be listed here.
Outsourcing refers to the practice of offering contracts to specialists outside the main business.
Sites listed here will provide sub-contracted services, facilities and expertise in particular aspects of drug development or production, or in the compliance process.
Please submit sites in this category with a primary focus on conducting pre-clinical studies: safety pharmacology pharmacology, toxicology, ADME, etc.

This category links to companies actively involved in research and development of their potential products.

This category is reserved for those companies who demonstrate their own activity in research and development of their potential products, over more than one field of pharmacology.  Companies specializing in one or two specific areas, should submit their site to the most appropriate specialist category instead.

Sites for companies that perform their own research, but do not include details on their site, may be found by following links in the Manufacturing category.  This includes sites where the only reference to research and development is about clinical trials on existing products. 
Sites for companies that perform research for other pharmaceutical companies either holding patents, or that will manufacture the drug under a different company name may be found by following links in Contract Research Organizations (CRO).

This category lists sites primarily concerned with development and manufacture of medications used in dermatology.   Where a more suitable category does not exist, sites for drugs applied topically are included here.
Sites about companies producing non-pharmaceutical products for wound and skin care are listed in Wound Care.
Sites listed here will be for companies and businesses involved in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products for use in livestock and domestic animals. These will include vaccines, antibiotics, anthelmintics ( wormers ), algicides and topical preparations.
This category is for companies that supply the animal health industry with pharmaceutical products.

If your site is mainly concerned with online selling to pet owners, it belongs in Shopping, purely informational sites are listed in the appropriate category in Animal Health, and sites with a focus on food supplements for livestock should be submitted here instead.

To minimise the delay in listing your site, please follow these guidelines.