This category is for sites that concern the rental of Recreational Vehicles (also known as motor homes or RVs) in the United States. RVs are vehicles designed for recreational use in camping. They include pop-ups, truck campers, Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes (conversion vans), Class C motorhomes (mini motorhomes), travel trailers, 5th wheel travel trailers, and caravans.
Please submit only sites dealing with companies that rent RVs in more than one of the United States here. If a company operates in only one state, the site should be submitted to the appropriate category below this one.

Limit submission to those sites that deal with renting or hiring RVs to be used elsewhere. Sites, such as campgrounds, that offer on-site daily or seasonal rental should be listed under Recreation:Outdoors:Camping:Campgrounds.

The title should be the official name of the site. If the site is for a business, please give the official name of the business as the title.

When describing the site, include pertinent information such as location and services offered. Do NOT use any sales hype such as "Lowest rates!"