This category contains websites belonging to companies which fabricate, manufacture, distribute, sell, rent, or offer services directly related to the installation, repair, selection or procurement of, equipment and supplies used by professionals in the entertainment industry.

This category does not contain any consumer A/V equipment except in cases where there is a clear overlap with the professional market.

Where possible, submit items to appropriate subcategories.

This category contains companies that provide a broad range of sales and services related to professional audio equipment used in the entertainment industry. For example, a typical audio supplier might do equipment sales, rentals, repairs, and installations as well as providing audio production services for events. Please submit to the appropriate regional subcategory where possible.

For companies which specialize in a narrower area such as installations, submit to the appropriate subcategory of Business: Arts and Entertainment: Equipment: Audio.

For companies which supply a broader range of entertainment industry products, such as lighting, staging, and soft goods as well as audio equipment, see Business: Arts and Entertainment: Equipment: Suppliers by Region.

This category contains businesses which record, master, duplicate, replicate, convert, press, label, and/or package music and audio recordings in the entertainment industry. This includes CDs, cassettes, tapes, and vinyl. Please note that recording studios should be submitted to the appropriate locality under Regional. For computer media see Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Equipment: Audio: Services: CD Manufacturing. For corporate A/V see Business: Business Services: AudioVisual.