This category is for professional photographers who are available to work for-hire to take travel, and/or location photographs of places in Europe for editorial, tourism, and advertising uses. Any site which does not include any information about for-hire availability of the featured photographer will not be listed in this category.
The entire Photographers section of Business/Arts and Entertainment/Photography is exclusively for listing photographers who work for hire. In order to be listed in this Travel and Location category, you must state, ON YOUR SITE, that you are available to do travel and/or location assignment work. If you are selling prints online, and are not available to work for-hire, please submit your site to Shopping/Visual Arts/Photography/Exhibits/Realistic/Travel and Location.

Such sites will NOT be listed in this category.

If you are exhibiting your travel, and location work, but are neither for-hire, nor selling your work online, please submit your site to Arts/Photography/Photographers/Solo Exhibitions/Travel and Location/Europe.

If you are primarily a stock photographer, please submit your site to Business/Arts and Entertainment/Photography/Stock/Photographers/Travel and Location.

Thank you.