This category is for photographers or studios located in Oceania who specialize in producing portraits for sale to consumers. Generally, that consumer is also either the subject of the photographs or a relative of the person[s] being photographed.
It must be apparent that a substantial part of your business is devoted to portrait photography. You must show several examples of your portrait work.

Persistent re-submission of your site when it has already been listed, submitting of subpages from your site, or submitting different URLs for your business [mirror sites] may result in your site being removed from ODP altogether.

Photography businesses should be listed in Regional as well as in Arts/Photography/Photographers. In order to submit your link to the proper category in Regional, you need to find the category for your town or city.

For Australian sites, please go to Regional/Oceania/Australia. Click on your territory. Then click on "Localities". Look for your city or town. If your town has an Arts and Entertainment subcategory, submit your site there. Otherwise, submit it to the main city/town category. If you can''t find your particular locality, please submit your site to the category which is as near as possible to it.

For all other countries in Oceania, please go to Regional/Oceania. Click on your country. Follow links from there to find your city or town.

If you are located in a very small country, and no category exists for your town, you may submit your site to the Arts and Entertainment category directly under your coutry''s title, i.e. Regional/Oceania/[your country]/Arts_and_Entertainment. This applies only to cases where your own city/town does not currently have a category.

Thank you.