This category is for sites about the professional/commercial photography industry.
Sites submitted to this category must describe a business offering goods or services to consumers and/or professional photographers and others in the photography industry.

Professional or commercial photographers should submit their sites to an appropriate specialty area within the Photographers category. Professional photographers may also submit a duplicate listing of their sites to Regional, in the category for the city in which their businesses are located.

Stock photographers, agencies, and companies should submit their sites to the Stock category.

Manufacturers of photographic equipment and supplies should submit sites to the Manufacturers category.

Sites offering photographic prints for sale online belong in Shopping/Visual Arts/Photography.

Sites selling photographic equipment or services online belong in Shopping/Photography.

Non-commercial sites about photography may be submitted to appropriate categories in Arts/Photography.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate language category in World.

This category is for professional organizations that support photography. These are organizations whose members are professional photographers.
Links to photography categories in the Regional branch.
This category is for photographers whose web sites focus on photographic services they can provide to clients. These photographers are available for hire to create images for a client.
The entire Photographers section is exclusively for listing sites offering for-hire photographic services. If you are not for-hire, do not submit your site here.

If your site primarily offers prints for sale, please submit it to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography.

If your site is primarily an exhibition of your photographs with little or no mention of professional services, please submit to the proper category in Arts/Photography/Photographers.

For sites by amateurs that describe personal experiences, as well as show photographic work, please submit to Arts/Photography/Photographers/Personal_Pages.

Stock photographers or companies should submit their sites to Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Photography/Stock/.

If the text on your site is not in English, please submit your site to the photography category in the proper language in World. For example, Spanish language sites should be submitted to World/Español/Artes/Fotografía.

Thank you.

The Restoration category focuses on the business related to photo restoration restoration services.

Submit sites whose primary focus is the restoration of products related to photography.

Sites generally not listed in this category:
  • Online shopping: Sites that exist primarily to sell goods and services directly to the consumer should be listed in the Shopping category. See the Shopping category description for more detail.
  • Sites that focus on providing information to consumers are listed under Home: Consumer Information. See the Consumer Information FAQ for more information.
  • Local businesses: sites for companies serving a very limited geographic area -- like a single state (or equivalent), city or metro area -- should be submitted to the Regional category.
This category lists directories, resources, companies and photographers who have stock imagery available for use in publications, television, or on the Internet. Limited rights to use the photographs may be purchased, or royalty-free, unlimited use may be acquired.
All sites in this section are titled by the company''s name, as it appears on the web site. Please submit your site with the title properly formatted.

Only directories and resources for stock photography will be entered to the top level of this category. Please, make sure to submit directly to the appropriate sub-category.

Stock companies, and sites about more than two photographers will be listed in Business/Arts and Entertainment/Stock/Companies, and should be submitted to that category, not this one.

Stock photographers will be listed in Business/Arts and Entertainment/Photography/Stock/Photographers, and should be submitted to that category, not this one.

Information on how rights for use of the stock images may be acquired must be included on the site. Samples of the type of stock available also must be shown on the site.

Thank you.

This category is for manufacturers of cameras, darkroom supplies, and other photographic products, as well as directories of manufacturers. Retail and shopping sites can be found in Shopping/Photography. Descriptions and reviews of photographic equipment can be found in Arts/Photography.