Electronic music in general and music reliant on electronic instrumentation. Related subgenres are: Experimental, Noise, Ambient, Electronica, Techno, and Trance.

This category is for Websites of Labels specialized in Electronic Music.

Sites of labels that focus on Electronica, should be submitted to Labels: Specialty: Electronica.

If your Label releases a wide variety of styles or genres , please submit your site to Labels .
In the case of Specialist Labels , please submit the site to the most appropriate subcategory within Labels: Specialty taking into account the style or genre which best suits your work .

Websites of labels that promote the work of a single band or artist should be submitted to Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Audio: Music: Individual Promotions , if they focus on online sales. Those that don''t focus on online sales should be submitted to the appropriate category under Arts: Music: Bands and Artists.

If your company promotes artists, and represents the independent CDs or MP3s created by the artists (but is not a Music Label for other reasons), please submit your website to Business: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Production.

Websites of music Wholesalers and Distributors must be submitted to Business: Arts and Entertainment: Music: Wholesale and Distribution: Recordings.

This category is not for stores or mail order catalogs.

Websites of Retail stores focused on Electronic Music must be submitted to Shopping: Entertainment: Recordings: Audio: Music: Specialty: Experimental, Noise and Ambient .

Websites in this category must be in English. Bilingual ones may be submitted here as well as to the appropriate World subcategory.

The ODP does not list redirection or vanity urls. Please submit the url of your server.

Submissions for sites under construction will be deleted.

Thank you for your cooperation.