This category contains websites regarding individuals who work in film, television or video production. These might be contact information, resumes, CV, examples, photos or any other information regarding the person''s work and availability. Where possible, place the site in an appropriate subcategory.

If the site regards the services of a company rather than a single individual, place it elsewhere in Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production.

The animals used in motion pictures and television are no ordinary house pets. Nor are they as intelligent as they seem in the finished product. They have been rigorously trained to perform individual tricks upon command, in the sometimes difficult environment of the movie or television set.

While at work, "Animal actors" are accompanied and handled by their own professional wranglers, often the same individuals who trained them in the first place. Therefore the two are inseparable in a directory listing.

When searching for an animal to play a role in a production, one might search for specific animals or one might choose a trainer first who will work with the production to find and train the right animal for the job.

This category contains sites pertaining to professional film, television and video production personnel involved in the training and handling of animals.

Sites having to do with a specific animal actor may be submitted, so long as it is a business site with official contact information as to hiring the animal or its trainers.

Fan sites with no contact information do not belong here. Try finding a subcategory under:
Arts: Movies: Titles
Arts: Television: Programs
Society: People: Personal_Homepages

For animal training sites that have nothing to do with the entertainment industry, try searching on Animal Training (substitute whichever animal you like for the word "Animal"). Some animal training categories in ODP are:
Sports: Equestrian: Training
Recreation: Pets: Dogs: Training
Recreation: Pets: Training


This category contains resumes, CVs, and portfolios of art department personnel for the media production industries. This includes Art Department Coordinators, Art Directors and Assistants, Graphic Designers, Painters, Production Designers, Scenic Artists, Set Decorators, Set Designers, Set Dressers/Leadmen, and Shopper/Buyers. Only sites containing the resume of a single person working as an artist in film, television or video production should be submitted to this cat.
This category contains sites belonging to, or advertising, camera personnel for film, video and broadcast production. This includes Camera Operators and their Assistants, Directors of Photography, Steadicam Operators, Video Assist Operators, Still Photographers, Underwater and Aerial Photographers, and related positions. Companies which provide these personnel as part of a greater package including equipment and other services should be listed in the related category Camera.
This category contains the resumes of Casting Directors and Casting Assistants.
This category contains sites that list the resumes and contact information for large numbers of film, television and video production personnel, and the sites of companies that supply such personnel as a service.
This category is for individual resumes, CVs and portfolios of lighting and electric personnel for the film, television and video production industries. This includes Best Boys, Electricians, Gaffers and Lighting Directors. For companies, please see Lighting
This category contains resumes and CVs of individual post-production personnel. Examples are Colorists, Color Correction Artists, Film and Video Editors, and Sound Editors.

For companies rather than individuals, see Post Production.

This category contains resumes, CVs, filmographies and portfolios of motion picture, video and television production staff. For the purposes of this category, production staff is defined as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Assistant Directors, Line Producers, Production Assistants, Production Coordinators, Production Managers, Production Office Coordinators, Production Secretaries, Script Supervisors and Continuity.
This category contains CVs, portfolios and resumes of individuals working in props for film, television and video production. This includes Prop Assistants, Prop Builders, Prop Stylists, Prop Buyers, and Property Masters.

For prop rental houses and prop companies rather than individuals please see Props.

A Set Medic is a person who provides on-location standby medical services for a film production. The medic is available to provide immediate care in case of accident or emergency. The medic is often familiar with the medical personnel, transportation and facilities available in the surrounding area. The medic is also able to evaluate a location as to potential or past medical and safety issues.
This category contains resumes, CVs, and credits of Set Medics.
This category contains resumes and CVs of individuals working as sound personnel in the film, video and television production industries.

Only submit personal web sites for individuals working as sound personnel in the film, video and television production industries in one or more of the following capacities:

Location Sound Recordist
Utility Sound, Cable Man, Third Man
ENG/EFP Sound Mixer
Sound Boom Operator
Fisher Boom Operator
Live Television/Video Sound Mixer
Studio Audio Post Mixer
Re-recording Mixer/Recordist
Foley Mixer/Recordist
Sound Assitant

For Post Audio companies, please submit to: Post Production: Audio


Studio Teachers, also sometimes called Welfare Workers, are teachers who specialize in educating child actors while they are at work on movie productions. This is necessary because filming schedules are often too lengthy and intense to allow attendance at a regular school. Studio Teachers are also responsible for the health and safety of the children while they are at work. In some localities their presence is required by law.
This category contains the individual resumes of Studio Teachers and may also contain companies or organizations which supply their services.
Technical advisors provide expert advice on specific subjects in order that a movie or show will be as realistic as possible. Some examples of areas in which advice might be needed are military or police operations, hospital procedures, and historically accurate technology.
This category contains resumes and CVs of individuals who act as technical advisors for film, television and video productions. It may also contain companies who provide such advisors.

For individuals or companies providing broader services of which technical advice is only a part, please find a category appropriate to the main service offered.