This category lists companies that focus on producing, and processing, content for modes of mass communication and entertainment. Commonly accepted media in this category include audio, video, electronic, print, the internet and theatre.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. If your company deals with most forms of media please list it under the proper alphabetical category. Note, if you specialize in regional markets only you should submit to one of the more detailed categories or in the Regional area of the directory.
Listing for sites of studios and companies involved in animation production for mainstream television and film .
Contains sites for entertainment industry costumers.
Sites here are for costumes produced or rented to the entertainment industry only. If you have full production stock to rent, you''ve found the right place to submit your site. If 70-80% of your site is about one subject, please submit to the relevant subcategory instead. Retail shopping and rentals are located in a different portion of the directory.

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Contains sites which are concerned with the distribution aspects of the film, video, and television industry.
Sites in this section provide training for business people in how to appear well in the media and how to utilise the media.
Contains sites for companies which produce films, videos, and television series and specials.
Contains sites for companies and services concerned with financial aspects of the film and television industry.
Contain sites concerned with location services, sites, and production for the film and television industry.
Businesses involved in stage, screen and special effects makeup. This includes manufacturers, distributors, entertainment industry and publishing-oriented makeup artists, and makeup special effects.

Please submit to the appropriate subcategories where possible.

Contains sites concerned with post production aspects of film, video, and television, including facilities and services involved in editing, sound, special effects, language versioning, graphics and many other activities.
This category is for companies which specialize in audio post production. For companies with a broader focus please see the parent category, Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production: Post Production.
This category contains websites regarding individuals who work in film, television or video production. These might be contact information, resumes, CV, examples, photos or any other information regarding the person''s work and availability. Where possible, place the site in an appropriate subcategory.

If the site regards the services of a company rather than a single individual, place it elsewhere in Business: Arts and Entertainment: Media Production.

This category lists organizations and individuals who specialize in producing in a particular environment or discipline. Examples include sports, underwater, air-borne productions.
Effects created on the set during production, which generally do not require further image manipulation. Special effects include pyrotechnics, animatronic creatures and make-up effects. Pyrotechnics is the controlled use of incendiary materials to create explosions, fires, and smoke. Animatronics is simulating human, animal, or creature forms, controlled manually or remotely. Make-up effects involve changing an actor's physical appearance, using conventional make-up or the addition of artificial parts.
Submit your site in this category only if you or your organization is involved in creating effects during production.

You can add your URL to the relevant sub-category of Post Production if you are involved in visual effects, editing or related services.

The Animation Studios category lists companies that generate 2D or 3D animation for film, video and broadcast markets.

This category lists companies that focus on producing content for broadcast television.
Please submit your site to this category only if you produce for television or offer services closely related to television production. You can, if you feel it is more appropriate to do so, submit to one of the sub-categories.

Sites with pornographic content will not be listed here; such sites should be added to the appropriate category in the Adult section of this Directory.

If your site offers content focussed on a single programme or a genre of programmes or individuals in the business and their work, you can submit it to the relevant category in Arts/Television instead.

If your site mainly offers videos online, it might be a more relevant inclusion in Internet Video Broadcasting.

Television Technology is the best place to submit sites that offer information on the science of television production.

If you are a manufacturer of components or products related to television production, apply for a listing at Electronic Manufacturing.

Sites relevant to this category, but in a language other than English, should be submitted to the category applicable in the World hierarchy.

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This category contains companies specializing in equipment for the production of film, video and television. This includes manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers, rentals, repair shops, and related services.
Companies specializing in non-broadcast video production and post-production.
Avoid delays by submitting your site to the single, most appropriate subcategory.
Category listing for professional radio and television voice artists and related services, for all forms of media.
Please do not submit to the main category. No sites are listed in the main category in order to ensure equal treatment for all websites. Please select an appropriate subcategory for your site. Click "Back" in your browser now to choose a subcategory.

This category being named Voice Talent does not include singers, vocalists, jingle singers, soloists, nor any other sort of MUSICAL voice talent. This is a listing for radio and television voice artists providing professional voice-over services for all forms of media.

You must have a demo available on your site to be accepted here. Sites with contact information only will be rejected. ODP does not operate as a phone or e-mail directory.