This category lists sites from individuals, companies and organizations, offering products and services pertaining to apparel, accessories, footwear, hair and garment decorations, jewelry, and eyewear. The sites cover design, modeling, and presentation aspects of the industry.
Companies whose main activity is to design and manufacture products (e.g. clothing) should suggest their sites to an appropriate sub-category of Consumer_Goods_and_Services. Sites whose main activity is to sell the products on-line, should suggest their sites to an appropriate subcategory of Shopping It should be noted that whereas all items require to be designed and are in some form or other fashionable, the fashion category relates expressly to the fashion industry rather than the manufacturing industry.
Sites of consultanting companies and individual consultants specializing in fashion industry.
Sites related to the business of fashion design, designer's tools and professional network resources for fashion designers.
If you provide design or similar services to the clothing industry, please suggest your site to the appropriate subcategory of Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Clothing/ (e.g. Knitwear/Women''s, Lingerie ) or, if there is no specific sub-category, then to Clothing/Services/. Sites suggested here should be resources for designers and design companies.
Listings here are non-commercial in nature.
Submit those to a Shopping: category instead.
Career and job sites covering fashion design and merchandising professions and industries.
For sites promoting a label.

A site that meets the above criteria, but is a "company" with no identifiable person pushing a vision, would go to the here. Think "Diesel," "Stussi," "Guess."

If your site is selling a product, please consider Shopping . No sites which offer sales will be listed here.