The entertainment industry, or "show business" as it is sometimes called, includes the motion picture, television, radio, music, theatre, and theme park industries. In addition, it includes the entertainment-related aspects of several other industries such as sports, fashion, and gaming.
This category includes sites which concern the behind-the-scenes, business-to-business aspects of the arts and entertainment industry, including management, booking, production, distribution, equipment, and marketing. Non-entertainment industry business-related sites will not be listed here. We ask that you submit to the most appropriate subcategory; your compliance will improve your listing time.

Retail sites whose primary purpose is selling merchandise should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Shopping.

For websites and portfolios of painters, sculptors, actors, musicians and other artists, please find an appropriate subcategory under Arts.

Companies who specialize in items for home decor (such as vases, fountains, metalwork, etc.) do not belong here. Please find an appropriate subcategory under Home and Garden instead.

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General talent agencies.
Talent Booking and Entertainment Agencies will not be listed here and should be submitted to Business: Business Services: Event Planning and Production: Entertainment.
For products and services sold TO the Amusement Industry.

Information resources, equipment designers and manufacturers, industry organizations, relevant publications and support items and services.

If your product is sold to the General Public this is NOT the category you site should be submitted to. PLEASE submit to Shopping in the most appropriate category .

If you are a Theme Park, Amusement Center, or Attraction, please submit to the Recreation/Theme_Parks section of the directory.

Contains sites for Arts and Entertainment professional and business organizations and associations.
Contains sites for specific beauty pageants and pageant organizations. Have also included a subdirectory for pageant products and consulting.
Sites submitted for Beauty Pageants category should contain age and sex information. All submissions must be appropriate viewing for all ages. Sites such as wet t-shirt contests, drag queen pageants or any sites which contain or suggest nudity, profanity, sexual acts or pornagraphy will not be listed in this directory.

Sites submitted for Beauty Pageant Products and Consulting category should contain all contact information and services provided.

Circus and circus arts related businesses, including management, booking, production, distribution, and marketing.
Online stores selling merchandise to consumers should be submitted to Shopping: Entertainment: Performing Arts: Circus.

Please submit only sites dealing with resumes of people who are performers in multiple arts and entertainment fields; such as acting, music, dance, design, fashion, gaming, sports, as well as other artistic and entertainment related fields of employment.

Those who are performers in a single arts entertainment field need to submit their data to that specific field. [Examples: Actors and Actresses only should submit their information to Arts: Performing Arts: Acting: Actors and Actresses.]

Please submit using the "Lastname, Firstname" format for the title of your site. Note: If you have a stage name like "Cher" or "Fabio," use the same format by typing your singular name as the title. Please include your location or country with your submission.

No ''fan sites'' are accepted in this Business: Arts and Entertainment category.

This category lists sites from individuals, companies and organizations, offering products and services pertaining to apparel, accessories, footwear, hair and garment decorations, jewelry, and eyewear. The sites cover design, modeling, and presentation aspects of the industry.
Companies whose main activity is to design and manufacture products (e.g. clothing) should suggest their sites to an appropriate sub-category of Consumer_Goods_and_Services. Sites whose main activity is to sell the products on-line, should suggest their sites to an appropriate subcategory of Shopping It should be noted that whereas all items require to be designed and are in some form or other fashionable, the fashion category relates expressly to the fashion industry rather than the manufacturing industry.
This category is about the business of gaming or gambling, not about social issues or the pros and cons.
Only submit sites dealing with the business of gaming or the regulation of gambling.

Sites about where and how to gamble should be submitted to Gambling Guides.

Regularly updated or published informational publications should be sent to Gambling Publications.

This category lists Marketing and PR firms which offer services targeting the Arts and/or Entertainment industries.
Media conglomerates are large, often international business entities consisting of many different entertainment companies. The activities of a single media conglomerate will typically span several different forms of media, for example broadcast, film, and internet.
When possible, please submit to an appropriate subcategory.
This category lists companies that focus on producing, and processing, content for modes of mass communication and entertainment. Commonly accepted media in this category include audio, video, electronic, print, the internet and theatre.
Please submit your site to the most appropriate category. If your company deals with most forms of media please list it under the proper alphabetical category. Note, if you specialize in regional markets only you should submit to one of the more detailed categories or in the Regional area of the directory.
This category is for sites about models and the modeling industry. This includes fashion, character and photographic models.
Please attempt to choose the appropriate sub-category for your site.
Sites must be available in full English-language translation.

Sites containing nudity will not be listed here.
Please submit those to an appropriate Adult: category.

Absolutely no "application fee" agencies will be considered.
Do direct the site application to an appropriate Shopping:, Regional:, or
Model Training category please.

While efforts are made to redirect carelessly submitted applications,
possible inclusion in the directory is at least significantly delayed.

The music business is a global industry that reaches people all over the world. It starts with the artist side, when a musical composition is created and performed, but behind, there is a whole industry with many different jobs that supports it during its way to the audience. That is, the business side of the music industry.

This category is for websites related to the business side of making music.

Please submit your site to the most appropriate subcategory possible, taking into account the main activity reflected on it.

Websites in this category must be in English. Bilingual ones may be submitted here as well as to the appropriate World subcategory.

The ODP does not list redirection or vanity urls. Please submit the url of your server.

Please submit artists, bands or personal webpages to the appropriate subcategory in Arts: Music.

Submissions for sites under construction will be deleted.

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This category is for sites about the professional/commercial photography industry.
Sites submitted to this category must describe a business offering goods or services to consumers and/or professional photographers and others in the photography industry.

Professional or commercial photographers should submit their sites to an appropriate specialty area within the Photographers category. Professional photographers may also submit a duplicate listing of their sites to Regional, in the category for the city in which their businesses are located.

Stock photographers, agencies, and companies should submit their sites to the Stock category.

Manufacturers of photographic equipment and supplies should submit sites to the Manufacturers category.

Sites offering photographic prints for sale online belong in Shopping/Visual Arts/Photography.

Sites selling photographic equipment or services online belong in Shopping/Photography.

Non-commercial sites about photography may be submitted to appropriate categories in Arts/Photography.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate language category in World.

The producer is a company or individual who puts up the money required for the creation of a film, television show, concert, music recording or other arts-and-entertainment related endeavour. The producer oversees the entirety of the project and is responsible for its success or failure. Though the producer often does not generate art him or herself, the producer has a good deal of influence on which music, films, and shows get produced and how.
This category contains arts-and-entertainment related companies and individuals who drive the creation of entertainment events and recordings by supplying funding and overseeing projects.

For the purposes of this category, "producer" should be considered to include executive producers, commercial studios with executive producers, independent studios producing their own material, show producers, and similar for each subsection of the entertainment industry.

Please submit to the appropriate subcategory where possible.

For production sevices, please see Business: Arts and Entertainment: Production Services.

Production services companies provide all or part of the equipment, tools, expertise and labor needed to make arts and entertainment happen.

For example, a turnkey concert production services company can provide sound, lighting, a stage, crowd barriers, security, logistics, transportation, and everything else required to make a concert go. On a smaller scale, a rentable recording studio might provide one part of the studio time required to make a music album, or a location service might be able to find the perfect spot for recording a scene during filmmaking.

This category contains any and all sites pertaining to arts and entertainment production services. This includes any company or individual who provides all or part of the services required to make a concert, film, show, or album happen.

Examples include:
-turnkey production services for concerts and events
-line producers, location services, and editing services for film
-audio, lighting and staging services

Please submit to the appropriate category where possible.

For executive producers supplying funds for arts and entertainment projects, as well as producing studios, please see Business: Arts and Entertainment: Producers.

While many sports fans don't like to acknowledge it, "big time" sports is "big time" business. Agents, bond referendums for new stadiums, corporate sponsorships, collective bargaining agreements and other topics have nothing to do with the sport itself but everything to do with the "Business of Sports." This isn't limited to Professional Sports, either. Parents can pay someone to help their child get an athletic scholarship, there are services to help college coaches find and recruit high school athletes, and don't forget the big business that is the Olympic games. Here you will find sites from and about sports agents, recruiting services, labor disputes/collective bargaining, corporate sponsorship and anything else on the Business of Sports.
Please be sure to refrain from using first person words like "I" and "We".

Please do not using exclamation marks or other unnecessary punctuation.

Please spell check your submission.

Please do not using hype words that appear to be marketing.

The "behind the scenes" of the entertainment industry requires a lot of specialized equipment. While there is some overlap between equipment used in individual sectors of the entertainment industry (theatre, motion picture production, music, and so on) most of this equipment is manufactured specifically for the entertainment industry and not found outside of it.

Some examples are professional grade sound and lighting equipment, stage scenery, large format movie projectors, and customized support vehicles such as mobile broadcast vans.

This category contains websites belonging to companies which fabricate, manufacture, distribute, sell, rent, or offer services directly related to the installation, repair, selection or procurement of, equipment and supplies used by professionals in the entertainment industry.

This category does not contain any consumer A/V equipment except in cases where there is a clear overlap with the professional market.

Where possible, submit items to appropriate subcategories.

Sites submitted to this category must describe a business offering goods or services to consumers and/or professional artists and others in the visual arts industry.

This category includes sites which concern the behind-the-scenes, business-to-business aspects of the Visual Arts industry including art consultants, appraisers, restoration services and marketing.

Retail sites whose primary purpose is selling merchandise should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Shopping/Visual Arts.

For websites and portfolios of painters, sculptors, and other artists, please find an appropriate subcategory under Arts/Visual Arts.