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Any organization or association involved with any general aspects of sheep farming -- such as promotion, education, or cooperative marketing efforts -- is welcome to submit to this category. If your organization revolves around a single breed, please submit your site to the appropriate specific breed category.
Organizations and associations involved with any general aspect of the sheep industry. Does not include organizations or associations focusing on a specific breed, which belong in specific breed categories.
Please list breeder websites under appropriate breed category.
Sites about specific breeds of sheep and for breeder sites.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
This category only contains links to regions and countries with sheep categories and sites.
Please use to submit all mixed breed, cross-bred, and market or club lamb sites.
Club lambs and commercial crossbreds, generally intended for meat production.
All sites offering equipment and supplies, including feed supplies, for the sheep industry are welcome here.
Suppliers of physical equipment, feed, and similar items for the shepherd and sheep industry.
Submit sites which offer information, advice, or direct marketing of sheep products other than live breeding stock. Please submit breed-specific sites under the appropriate breed and club lambs under category of same name.
Advice and marketing of produce of the sheep farm other than breeding stock; i.e., wool, meat, pelts, milk products.
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