Irrigation of turfgrass is the artificial provision of water, both subsurface and overhead, through pipes, canals, and flooding, using either a fixed or movable supply system. The most common form of turfgrass irrigation involves small orifice emitters in sprinkler heads flush at ground level, connected to a pressurized pumping system by means of rigid pipes. Drainage is the artificial removal of water through subsurface pipes, lateral ditches, siphoning, and grading.

Related products and services that belong in the Irrigation and Drainage category are water quality including salinity, water conservation, including water monitoring, fertigation (the injection of fertilizers into the irrigation system), chemigation, soil moisture sensing, wetting agents, and antitranspirants.

Related products and services that belong in other categories include perched water tables, e.g., the USGA (United States Golf Association) specification for greens, which belongs under Soils and Soil Amendments; and liquid fertilizers which belong under Fertilizers and Nutrition.