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Please only submit sites that are primarily arborist supply. Sites only offering chainsaws should be submitted to the category Business/Agriculture_and_Forestry/Forestry/Logging_Equipment/Chainsaws_and_Axes .
This category is for websites primarily offering arborist supplies and accessories.
Sites listed here will be for forestry associations with a focus on the business aspects of the forestry industry. Organizations mainly concerned with the scientific aspects of forestry are listed in Science/Agriculture/Forestry/Organizations , and organizations relating to wood products belong in Business/Construction_and_Maintenance/Materials_and_Supplies/Wood_and_Plastics/Associations
Submit sites about Forestry associations or organizations that are involved in the harvesting, sustainable use, or economic and societal development of forest resources.
Websites for firms offering sales, service, or hire of chippers and grinders. These are machinery for reducing trees, branches, and stumps into small chips.
Companies who provide advice in a scientific or technical field (e.g. agronomy, engineering, animal husbandry, or pest control) should submit their sites to the Agricultural Science category.

Companies who provide advice at a national or local level should find the appropriate category of the Regional section (e.g. Regional/North_America/United_States/Regions/Northwest/).

Listings of firms that offer international services and expertise in business, marketing and economics related to forestry and woodlands.
This category is primarily for forest and wild land fire fighting equipment, education, and information. There is quite a bit of overlap with the Urban fire fighting category (Business/Business_Services/Security/Products_and_Equipment/Fire_Fighting_Equipment/), so you may want to check both. The sites are not duplicated in each category, they are put into the category that fits their main focus.
This category is for firms offering to supply, service, or hire machinery and equipment for tree felling and logging. This does not include equipment for further processing of the timber. For these, see the 'Production Equipment', and 'Chippers and Grinders' categories.
Forestry industry news sites and publications. Includes both print and online sources.
This category is intended to provide private landowners of smaller forest areas with information sources such as professional assistance, vendor services, financial assistance, organizations, and research relevant to helping them steward their trees, wildlife, water, and the other components of the forest.
Listings of firms offering equipment, or the hire and service of equipment, for the processing of logwood and other forestry products.
This category is for suppliers, producers and manufacturers of mulch and "generic" hardwoods products such as pallet lumber and saw logs. For veneers and exotic/fine millwork grade hardwoods, see the Veneers and Fine Hardwoods category. Wholesalers and retail companies can be found in Business: Industries: Construction and Maintenance: Materials and Supplies: Wood and Plastics .
Software for forest and woodland management and production.
This category is for transport vehicles of all types, providing they are specifically designed or offered for the forestry industry.
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