Cartomancy is the use of cards of any kind in the engagement of divination. The history of cards as used in divination typically begins with the use of playing cards to achieve an oracular result with some devised system. Thereafter, conventional playing card decks were redefined and presented as oracular sources (e.g. Marseilles) or particular decks were constructed for divination (e.g. Lenormand decks, Etteilla decks, Tarot decks, etc.).
Please submit sites featuring divinatory cards or systems using cards to obtain reading results.
These are purposively constructed divinatory card decks, often with explanatory matter to help with layout, card meanings, and overall usage.
For sites featuring cards specially designed for fortune-telling that are not classified as ''Tarot'' decks, such as LeNormand, Gypsy, and Angel cards.
Systems of cartomancy using playing card decks (aside from Tarot gaming decks) so as to make the using the cards for divination easy and interpretable, including significances for the individual playing cards and, possibly, layout patterns and card position descriptions.
For sites featuring systems of playing cards used for divination which are not Tarot gaming decks.