This is the home directory of boboroshi, Satanic Outreach Director of the Church of Euthanasia. It contains links to relevant educational sites on such subjects as Satanism and the 4 Pillars of the Church: SODOMY, ABORTION, SUICIDE and CANNIBALISM. There is a heavy emphasis on activities (occultism, activism) and practical data.
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Search devices to find information about Satanism, Demonology, Esoteric and Occult topics (embracing religious and mystical traditions and practices throughout history which have served as alternatives to mainstream religions, encompassing secret societies, underground groups and unusual activities that fall within the perview of occultism (from Neo-Platonism, alchemy, qabalah, and Theosophy; to traditions of questionable historicity such as Templaric occultism, modern Witchcraft, and Thelema), and direct ecological activism of all kinds.
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