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Please include author''s name and date of article in the description.
Articles relating to (but not limited to) technical writing, technical communication, information development and design.
Use for formal and informal conferences, meetings, trade shows, and workshops, and associated events related to technical communication and writing. Use For Conferences Conferences and Conventions Conferences and Exhibitions Conferences and Meetings Conferences and Retreats Conferences and Trade Shows Conferences and Workshops Conventions Events and Workshops Industry Events Expo and Events Medical Writing Conferences Networking – Events – Conferences Trade Shows
Please submit sites that provide little to no additonal content related to technical writing.

Sites submitted are usually "link farms" to other sites related to technical writing.

Use for sites containing alphabetical or classified lists of resources covering technical writing or technical communication. Directories is used for sites which provide a straight list of sites, sometimes with a brief description and not, generally, including additional information.
Regularly issued scholarly publications that deal with technical communication, technical writing, information design and related fields, including: Academic Journals, Books, Magazines, Full text journals, publications
Please do not submit individual discussion threads.
Discussion groups, chat rooms, message boards, forums and mailing lists related to technical communications.
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