Categories for themes and genres in the visual arts.
  • If your site primarily offers original works for sale, please submit it to appropriate category in Shopping/Visual_Arts
This category showcases artwork in various media, specializing in the science of astronomy. Works may be realistic or abstract, as long as they are about cosmology: nebulae, novas, galaxies, comets, planets and moons.
Science fiction creatures or machinery should be submitted to the appropriate categories. Yoda, R2-D2, this is not your domain.

Painting, printmaking, drawing media, sculpture media and even wearable art will be welcome submissions. Animations and digital works, based on science, will also be appreciated.

If your site primarily offers original works for sale, please submit it to appropriate category in Shopping: Visual Arts.

Please only submit here if more than 50% of your material is related to automotive subjects.
Folk Art by definition, is the art produced by self-taught people - in other words, those who have not studied at art school. However today, the term "Folk Art" is also used to describe craft techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Then, there's Outsider Art, which is art that is created outside of the norm. That is to say, without guidelines or accepted standards. There's also Visionary Art. It seems that there are those among us that have a spiritual force guiding them to create works of art, usually with a strong spiritual message - this is called visionary art.
All self-taught artists are welcome to submit their websites for inclusion in this category. Galleries and shops who deal in folk art are also welcome, as are museums with folk art collections.
Please use the title format: Lastname, Firstname [- Site Title]

If your site''s main purpose is to sell prints, cards or merchandise, please submit it to Shopping: Visual Arts: Thematic: Science Fiction and Fantasy. Failure to properly categorize your site will delay the review process.