Installation art or site-specific art is work that utilizes/transforms the entire environment in which it is presented. This category deals with installation art with a high sculptural content.
This category is primarily concerned with installation art with a high sculptural content be that either physical or computer generated. As the boundary between sculpture and installation art is indefinable the editor/s will decide upon the appropriate placement of applications which may result in applications being redirected to the category sculpture.

Individual artists, when submitting please include your surname and first name. (e.g. Jones, David) and please don''t repeat your name again in the description. Please give a well-written, objective description of the submitted web-site e.g.

BAD: Jones, Jack - Installations and sculpture by Jack Jones.

GOOD: Rathbun, Mike - The artist uses raw pine, to fabricate a strange and irrational place where large ship like forms plow through wooden waves.

  • If your site primarily offers Video / Painting / Sound / Performance related installations with little or no sculptural content, please submit to Arts/Visual_Arts/Installation_Art

  • If your site is not in English, please submit it to the appropriate category in World/