Alphabetical listings of artists (or groups of artists) who typically specialize in painting original portraits and/or personally identifiable figurative works of men, women, children, domestic or wild animals, or even homes or other personal objects.

Painting media include oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and/or pastel, as on wood, canvas, or paper.

Most of the painters are available for commissions (even at great distances); many also paint other subjects (still life, landscapes, etc.) or work in other media (charcoal, pencil, sculpture, etc.); some offer original non-commissioned works or prints for sale.

Styles vary from traditional and realistic to contemporary and abstract. Each artist has a unique vision and set of sensibilities, which visually and emotionally harmonize and/or contrast with those of his or her subjects.
Sites that primarily offer portraits painted from existing photographs should be submitted to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Portraits_from_Photos.

This category is for painters' sites whose main subjects are portraits (of people; pets, horses, or other domestic animals; or even homes or other personally identifiable objects).

Sites in which the focus is on the form of the human figure, as opposed to the identity of the individual, should be submitted to Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting/Painters/The_Human_Figure/.

Sites whose focus is more on the style or medium rather than on the subject matter of the paintings should be submitted to the more appropriate categories, as found at Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting/Painters/.