Works of art made with paint on a surface. Often the surface, also called a support, is either a tightly stretched piece of canvas or a panel.
Please take the time to browse through the subcategories to make sure your site is included in the appropriate category.
For sites containing alphabetical or classified lists of resources specific to the subject of painting and/or painters.
Painting instructions can be in the form of printed lessons, books, videotapes, computer software or online painting lessons. Any technique is acceptable as long as the site includes painting instruction.

Please submit only sites dealing with painting instruction in this category. Artist''s personal pages should be listed under Arts: Visual Arts: Personal Pages unless the site offers some type of painting instruction also.

If the education is provided in a specific media that fits one of the sub-categories e.g. Watercolors, then please submit there. (Drawing instruction is acceptable together with painting, however if the site includes other non-painting subjects, e.g. sculpture, it should be place in a broader category.)

Sites that provide information on workshops, instruction and trips at a specfic physical location, should be placed in the sub category e.g. Watercolors: Workshops and Tours However, this is intended for workshops that would attract visitors from other areas. Classes that are primarily of interest to people living in the area where the classes are given, should be placed in a Regional category.

Painting workshops not limited to a specific media, but are primarily painting go in Workshops. However, workshops that are not limited to painting should be submitted to Arts: Visual_Arts: Education: Workshops and Tours

Sites listed here will provide online tutorials related to the art of painting.
Individual artist''s sites offering services in the field of decorative arts.
Individual artists, when submitting please include your surname and first name. (e.g. Jones, David)

This category is for the sites of individual artists displaying artwork. No sites can be submitted at this level. Please choose the appropriate subcategory that best describes the primary focus of the site, in terms of genre, style or medium.

Sites can not be suggested at this level. Please choose the one most appropriate subcategory.

Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.

  • Take the time to browse subcategories to make sure the site is suggested to the appropriate category.
  • Format the title as surname and first name of the artist. (e.g. Jones, David)
  • The description should briefly describe the site''s content.

If your site is not in English, please suggest it to the proper category in World.
If your site primarily offers prints or original works for sale, please suggest it to the appropriate subcategory in Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Artists.

For sites providing an individual focus e.g. Forums, Magazines, Directory, etc., please locate the appropriate subcategory under Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting.
This category is for sites offering a comprehensive overview of painting and will typically include (in addition to general information about painting) a directory, FAQ, chat or forum, publications, tutorials, etc.
This category is for the main page of a web ring sites offering topics/sites specific to painting.