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CONCEPTUAL: Pertaining to concepts. More specifically, art possessing imagery that departs from perceptual accuracy to present a conception of the object, rather than its appearance alone. It has become fairly standard, for example, to characterize the rigidly formal art of ancient Egypt as conceptual, whereas Courbet's Realism is perceptual. Lest it be thought that perceptual art is really without ideas (or ideology), however, see Norman Bryson's critiques of Ernst Gombrich's perceptualism in Word and Image, Tradition and Desire, and elsewhere. See also social formation.
Before submitting your site, please first review the Virtual Galleries guidelines, since these pertain to all listings in Arts/Visual_Arts/Galleries/Virtual.

Please take the time to browse through the subcategories to make sure your site is included in the appropriate category.

On-line galleries that display the work of several ethnic and regional artists.
Only sites featuring works from multiple artists will be listed here. Sites about individual artists should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting/Painters.

If the site primarily offers original works for sale, please submit it to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Galleries.

If the site primarily offers ONE artist''s works for sale, please submit it to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Painting/Artists in the most appropriate sub-category.

On-line galleries that display the work of several painters.
On-line galleries that display posters and prints.
Following these guidelines will allow us to add your site to the directory as quickly as possible.
  • If your site primarily offers limited editions or original works for sale, please submit it to Shopping/Visual_Arts/Sculpture.
  • A gallery must exhibit more than one visual artist.
  • If your site is NOT in English, please submit it to appropriate category in World.
This section is for "virtual gallery" sites that display the work of several sculptors, but are not associated with a physical location. Both professional and amateur work may be included.
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