Collage implies the use of multiple sources in the creation of a single work. Digital collage exists separately from the rest of the genre thru the crucial or obvious computer-aided manipulation of the work. Simply publishing as a JPEG or other computer file a scanned poster of pasted pictures does not constitute the creation of a digital collage. Altering images using computer programs in ways not possible thru traditional manual means, such as morphing objects or melding and blending pictures in order to erase evidence of transitions between separate items in a collage, constitutes the "digital" aspect of this category. Traditional methods include cutting, pasting, the relational placement of objects in a collage, and location of physical display for the work (environmental space). The term collage excludes works created wholly by computer manipulation of colors and shapes such that an abstract work results, with no identifiable individual items involved in the final piece. Such works are more appropriately classified in either abstractionist or a broader digital art category.
Individual artists, when submitting please include your surname and first name. (e.g. Jones, David)