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Alternative Arts and Experimental video.
Community Video, along with Community Television and Public Access Cable TV, promotes and supports independent programming that is produced by local or otherwise non-affiliated TV and video makers, is targeted to local or grassroots communities, and intends to give a voice to members of the community at large.
Please only submit sites which are directories of video-making resources, source material, clips, etc.

Generic video clip sites will not be accepted. For example, a directory site which allows users to upload videos and rank clips, but offers little else, will not be accepted. Sites must be unique or contain significant original content.

Some video directories are more suited to other areas, for example:

Humor: Recreation/Humor/Audio_and_Video_Clips

Video blogs: Computers/Internet/On_the_Web/Weblogs/Video_Blogs

Directories of resources and source material for video production.
Technical and how-to information on making videos.
Education in the making of video.
Video Editing involves the putting together of individual images or shots to form a capsule which tells a story, like a serial, or an ad-commercial, or the video for a song. The story can be put together by the video editor by using a script given by the producer and/or working with a director or journalist. Sound might be laid out as well as part of this process, to synchronize with the action in the edit.
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