Forever Knight was a Canadian TV Series about a 13th century vampire trying to live in 20th century Toronto and regain his mortality. Running from 1992-1996, it starred Geraint Wyn Davies, Nigel Bennet and Catherine Disher. It is currently in reruns, in the United States on the SciFi Channel.
This category is dedicated to sites featuring actors and crew from the series Forever Knight. Sites focusing on the characters the actors played belong more properly under Characters.
Features sites dedicated to one or more of the series' main characters, including Nick Knight, Natalie Lambert, Janette DuCharme, and Lucien LaCroix.
This category is for real-time online chat rooms, bulletin boards, discussion groups, and message boards that are directly related to Forever Knight.
Factions are fan groups based on a favorite character, relationship or other aspect of Forever Knight. Members of different factions frequently wage playful "wars" on each other, to the general amusement of all.
Fan fiction is fiction written by fans of the series who wish to tell their own stories in the Forever Knight universe, fill in missing history, or make right what they perceive as bad plotting or unnecessarily tragic endings. Fans unfamiliar with fan fiction may find the quality surprisingly good--and free, too.
This category features web sites created by fans that cover a wide variety of subjects. A fan page may include the author's fan fiction, some images from the show, trivia questions, or nearly anything else pertaining to Forever Knight.
This category is for FAQs ("Frequently Asked Questions") sites that attempt to answer viewers' questions about Forever Knight. It is not intended for sites featuring a single page FAQ as a part of a larger FK site.
This category is for web rings, sites that are collections of web sites all sharing a related interest, in this case Forever Knight.