For sites about the characters on Buffy. These sites should not focus on the actors/actresses, but on the characters they portray. Also acceptable are sites about dead characters or characters with small roles.
This cat is for sites about the characters. For example, if your site is about an actor/actress playing one of the characters, such as Emma Caulfield, please send to the appropriate category under Celebrities .

If your page features multiple characters, then you may submit to this category, the Characters category.

For sites about the character "Anya".
For pages about Jenny Calendar. If your page is about the actress Robia la Morte, please send it to Arts/Celebrities .
For sites about the character "Faith".
For sites about Tara. For sites about the actress, please send to Arts: Celebrities: B: Benson, Amber. Sites in this category should be only about the character.
For pages about Amy Madison. If your page is about the actress Elizabeth Anne Allen, please send it to Arts/Celebrities . Amy was the cheerleader witch who befriended the gang early in the series. She is stuck in the form of a rat after an escape from demons masquerading as children.


Pages about the werewolf/musician who spent several seasons on Buffy.
For sites about relationships between the characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Please only submit sites about Buffy and Angel. Sites about either of them with other partners should be sent to the appropriate category.
For sites about Willow Rosenberg including her alter-egos, 'Vampire Willow' and 'Dark Magic Willow'.
Please submit sites about the actress who plays Willow, Alyson Hannigan, to Arts: People: H: Hannigan, Alyson.
For sites specifically about the character "Buffy".
This cat is for sites about the character. If your site is about Sarah Michelle Geller, please send to the Celebrities .

If your page is about multiple characters please submit to the Characters category.

Sites about Buffy's mom.
For sites about the "bad guys" in the Buffyverse. These will generally include the vampires (except Angel) and any monsters the gang encounters.
Please only Submit sites about the character Spike to this category. For sites about the actor James Marster please submit to Arts/People/M/Marsters,James.