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NBC game show hosted by Bob Saget in which contestants play against a mob of 100 other players, each answering trivia questions. First aired in 2006.
New incarnation of the game show hosted by Gary Kroeger and airing on PAX, based on a show that originally aired in 1950. The series first appeared in 2002.
Please submit only sites for discussion of more than one game show. If your site focuses on discussion a single show, please submit it to that show''s subcategory.
Message boards, chat rooms and other sites primarily for conversation about game shows.
Series that pits gamers against each other.
A game show on NBC that first aired in 2005.
Six competitors take each other on in a variety of physical and mental challenges to win $25,000. The show first aired in 2002.
Children's game show in which two teams of contestants compete in a stunt round and grand prix race; the winning team then goes through the Fun House obstacle course. The series first aired in 1988.
Sites submitted to this category must be primarily about the fraud/exploitation/fixing of the show, rather than about the show itself (submit to Arts/Television/Programs/Game_Shows/NAME_OF_SHOW) or the person themself (submit to Arts/Television/People/Contestants/).
The ubiquitous TV game shows have occasionally been involved in major scandals. This category details instances of contestants defrauding the show, of shows fixing the results of play, and of contestants exploiting hidden weaknesses in the game.
Sites all about the 1998 incarnation of the classic celebrity game show. KingWorld, the show's distributor, is taking down many fan pages, which explains the low number of fan pages.
The popular show was based on the game of "Secret, secret,who's got the secret" and debuted in 1952. Gary Moore hosted the show until 1964, followed by Steve Allen, and Bill Cullen. Show ran from 1952 until 1967.
Kids' game show cohosted by Kirk Fogg and Olmec, a giant stone head, that first aired on Nickelodeon in 1993. Each episode features a story about an artifact in the temple; six 2-person teams compete in elimination challenges, with the final team searching the labyrinthine temple to find the item.
Popular US television game show of the 1960s and 70s (revived several times in later decades), in which contestants buy, sell, or trade things. Hosted by Monty Hall.
Player's attempt nearly impossible physical tasks. The series first aired in 2002.
Please submit only sites relating to the game show Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire. Please do not submit sites that are under construction.
Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire was a Fox game show that aired in February 2000. Fifty women competed for the right to marry a rich bachelor.
For sites related to the game show/series, "Wipeout"
Contestants bet on their ability to answer questions in a category. Hosted by Groucho Marx, the series first aired in 1950.
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