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A family comedy on ABC starring Jim Belushi. First aired in 2001.
The owner of a struggling automobile body shop tries to keep his dysfunctional group of employees in check. First aired on Comedy Central in 2007.
Host Michael Moore uses on-air pranks and satire in an effort to expose wrongdoing by businesses and politicians. The show first appeared in 1999.
ABC comedy documenting the hectic wedding day of a young couple. First aired in 2006.
CBS hour-long comedy about a group of people who all were in the same elementary class. First aired in 2006.
Puppets make joke phone calls. The series first aired in 2002.
Comic version of the news, hosted by Jon Stewart. The series first aired in 1996.
ABC family comedy starring standup comedian George Lopez. First aired in 2002.
Australian series that makes light of the news of the day.
Three friends talk about others' relationships. First appearing in 1992, the series starred Lynn Clark, Steven Eckholdt, and Jonathan Penner.
An ABC comedy about a celebrity publicist named "Jake" (John Stamos) who is looking for that perfect woman he can commit to. First aired in 2005.
Contestants settle disputes by bowling against each other. The series first aired in 2001.
Lucy Sullivan is getting married. At least that's what the fortune teller told her and now the rumour has a life of its own. Join Lucy, along with her flatmates, as she parties her way around London looking for a husband in this funny, adventurous series.

This category is for sites devoted to the 1999 British television series, "Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married".  

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An object in a man's basement starts mutating his relatives; the family must then try to fit in with the society around them. The series first aired in 1990.
Sock puppets operate a home-shopping show. The series first aired in 1998.
Sitcoms, or situation comedies, develop episodes from the various ways characters deal with the situation in the series premise. Situations on which such series are based vary widely, from contemporary and realistic to bizarre and fantastic.
URLs for specific sitcoms should be submitted to their respective subcategory. If a series does not have a subcategory, submit the site to the main category.
Shows that feature humorous skits and/or comedy routines, either scripted or improvisational that are not necessarily tied to a plot line. Usually each episode of such shows will feature several such routines.
A CBS comedy about a working class family trying to raise their children in the suburbs of Chicago. First aired in 2002.
Based on the popular comic book, the show chronicles the adventures of a dim-witted superhero. The show first appeared in 2001.
The host performs outrageous on-air pranks. The series first appeared in 1997.
Newsmagazine that takes a humorous approach to wrongdoing by the rich and powerful. Hosted by Michael Moore, the show first aired in 1994.
This cult classic originated as local show in New Jersey, then later went national. The series first aired in 1974.
"Whose Line Is It Anyway?" is a half-hour improvisational comedy program in a game show format. Originating in the U.K., WLIIA has now proven popular in the U.S. on ABC. The show consists of a host and four contestants, who must improvise scenes, songs or jokes using suggestions from the host and/or the audience. After each game, the host gives "points" to whomever s/he pleases, usually a nonsense amount since the show is only *very* loosely a game show. The only "prize" for the winner(s) is to read the credits in a style of the host's choosing. Fans of the show call themselves "Whosers." ABOUT THE U.K. SERIES: The original U.K. series, hosted by Clive Anderson, began on the radio in the mid-1980s, and then moved to Channel 4, where it continued for a total of ten seasons until 1997-98. Frequent contestants in this series included Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Josie Lawrence, Tony Slattery, Paul Merton, John Sessions, Colin Mochrie, Steve Frost, Jim Sweeney, Sandi Toksvig, Mike McShane, Chip Estin, and Steve Steen. Richard Vranch provided the music via dozens of different instruments. ABOUT THE U.S. SERIES: The U.S. series is co-produced and hosted by Drew Carey, a fan of the original show. It premiered in August 1998. Sometimes this version is called DLIIA by fans (for "Drew's Line Is It Anyway") to differentiate it from the original. In most other respects, the game is identical, except that unlike Clive Anderson--who never took part in the games--Drew Carey takes part in one game per episode. Regular contestants are Ryan Stiles (The Drew Carey Show, and also a co-producer of WLIIA) and Colin Mochrie, both of whom often appeared on the U.K. series. Other frequent guests include Wayne Brady, Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, and Chip Estin. Music accompaniment is provided by Laura Hall.
This category is for both the UK and US versions of the series, so please feel free to submit sites based on either (or both) versions.

If your site focuses mostly on the contestants or particular cast members, please go to the "Cast" subcategory.