Television - chewing gum for the eyes. And yet, billions of people around the globe are sat in front of it. They are transfixed daily or weekly by snapshots of life - comedy, tragedy, the ordinary, the extraordinary. When programmes end their lives, the viewers tend move on to the replacement offering. But some remember the programmes that influenced them, that they enjoyed, that they hated, that they loved. The history of these programmes is here.
Children's television. You grow up in front of it, with it entertaining and informing you. It leaves a mark upon your life. Children's programmes provide nostalgia for the adults who remember them, and wonder for today's children who do not. Sites that are about children's television and are specifically aimed at or suitable for children have a note in the description. Other sites may not be aimed at children, although no inappropriate material will be found here.
We watch soaps in our millions, addicted to every twist and turn of a plot, no matter how unbelievable the situation may be. Soaps are either shortlived and soon forgotten, or run on and on for 20, 30 or 40 years. Both types of soap make it here - and their history makes for a common history for all that saw them.
As old as television itself, talk (or chat) shows still dominate our airwaves. They make stars out of their presenters - or presenters out of ex-stars. They run at breakfast, during daytime, in peak time and late at night. They run on networks, on local channels and on cable. Ever present, their history is that of television itself - talk shows cannot but reflect the time they come from.