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An aircheck is a recording made while on the air, typically to show prospective employers the work of a radio personality. Classic airchecks are also traded and collected by radio enthusiasts.

Sites related to the Philadelphia doo-wop radio announcer Jerry Blavat.
Listing for the popular radio personality and host of syndicated radio show, "The Weekly Top 40".
Sites relating to the radio personality Phil Hendrie.
Category listing for one of the most popular radio personalities of the 1960's.
Sites about radio DJ Tom Joyner.
Sites related to the syndicated morning show hosts Lex and Terry.
Sites related to the BBC radio announcer Chris Moyles.
Sites related to the Chicago-based syndicated morning radio "shock jock" Mancow Muller.
Sites relating to New York City based syndicated radio hosts Opie and Anthony.
DJ for BBC Radio 1 --a UK station.
Sites relating to the syndicated radio sports talk host Jim Rome.
Host of the Radio 1 Rap Show.
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