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Do not submit individual show sites here. Submit them to Programs.
Talk radio networks are syndicators of shows. Like Rush Limbaugh's Elite Broadcasting Network, they sell the shows to radio stations.
This category is for websites about the production of talk radio programs and technical matters concerning talk radio programs.
Programs related to a specific region should first be submitted to the appropriate Regional category.
Listings for specific Talk Radio programs and shows broadcast over the radio and/or Internet.
Please submit in the following format:


DESCRIPTION: News, weather, commentary. Includes programming schedule, staff and area information. New York, New York, US.

Title should include call letters, frequency and AM or FM only. Please do not include a description or descriptive title such as "The Voice of New York" in the title field.

Description should include the general information about the programming of the station. If it is all news, talk, interviews or a varied format. The next sentence should include information that the user will find on the site. This can be programming schedule, area information or similar items.

Providing accurate information in the submission will help assure that the site will be reviewed as quickly as possible and included if it meets the criteria. No site is guaranteed a listing. If site

This category contains sites of radio stations whose format is mainly talk radio. These can include news, sports, commentary, political or varied topic stations.
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