This category is for portfolios, photo projects, magazines, organizations and other resources devoted to documentary photography.
Funds back long term documentary work, often works in progress.
Institutions which contain original photographs and make them available for research.
Please submit any site relating to the countries of North and South America and that performs a role as a documentary photography archive.
Contests which reward fine documentary photography.
Funds dedicated to advancing documentary photography.
Funds back long term documentary work, often works in progress.
Documentary magazines and e-zines are publications that primarily feature documentary photography work, skills and technology.
Submit sites that are magazines or e-zines focused on documentary photography. Personal and exhibit sites should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory of Arts/Photography/Photographers/
This category is for photographers and their portfolios of documentary work. Sites may be solo exhibitions or group exhibitions. Photographers may wish to indicate in their sites whether their services are for hire; prints are available for sale or for exhibition purpose only. In any case, contact information should be available. At present, all sites are listed together. If the category gains critical mass, they may be listed in separate categories and/or in alphabetical order.
Documentary Photography Essays aim to connect readers to a story through documentary photography. If the site contains multiple essays and a juxtaposition of other styles with Documentary; the editorial team reserves the right to link only to the essay that shows Documentary photography.
Please only add sites here which tell a single story - there are other categories for portfolio sites. Also, please note this is not the category for art photography or holiday snaps - both categories have their own sections.