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Sites about all forms of 3D photography, and their online display, when feasible.
Photographers showing work created by alternative techniques or processes should submit their sites to the Photographers subcategory under the appropriate method.

Sites selling products online should be submitted to Shopping: Photography. They will NOT be listed anywhere in Arts: Photography.

Only sites with the majority of their content being about alternative photography will be listed here. Do not submit sites where the alternative photography content is of minor importance.

This category if for sites offering tips, advice and technical descriptions of alternative photographic processes and techniques.
Technical and informational sites about darkrooms and darkroom processes and/or equipment are welcome.

If you are selling darkroom products online, please submit your site to the proper subcategory of Shopping/Photography. Such sites will NOT be listed anywhere in Arts/Photography.

This category is for informational sites on all aspects of using a photographic darkroom. Included are sites on how to build, use, manage and equip a home darkroom as well as information on all the various color and black and white processes that can be employed at home.
Only informational, instructive and resource sites about digital photography should be submitted to this category.

If you are selling digital photography equipment, please submit your site to: Shopping/Photography/Digital/

If you are a commercial-advertising or editorial photographer specializing in digital work and available for hire, please submit your site to: Business/Arts_and_Entertainment/Photography/Photographers/Digital/

Photographers selling prints of their work online should submit their sites to: Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography/.

If you are not for hire and are not offering your pictures for sale online, please submit to a suitable subcategory of Arts/Photography/Photographers/. Digital photographers are not kept separate from film photographers in the Exhibitions sections.

If the site is a consumer guide to buying digital equipment please submit to: Home/Consumer_Information/Electronics/Photography/Digital_Cameras/.

If the contents of your site are not in English, then please submit to a suitable category in the proper language in World.

Thank you.

This category is for instructive and informational sites about digital photography techniques and styles.

Best Category under 500 Sites Winner
Funds back long term documentary work, often works in progress.
This category is for portfolios, photo projects, magazines, organizations and other resources devoted to documentary photography.
Please try and find the most exact subcategory that your site is suited for. For general guidelines about submitting sites anywhere in Arts/Photography, please see the Arts/Photography description.

Sites dealing with extensive information and resources about all aspects of photography please submit to Arts/Photography/Resources.

Sites focusing on one specific technique or style for which a subcategory in Arts/Photography/Techniques_and_Styles exists should be submitted there.

Sites which primarily exhibit photographs made by photographers and only include little technical information should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Arts/Photography/Techniques_and_Styles or Arts/Photography/Photographers.

Photography Magazines and E-zines should be submitted to Arts/Photography/Resources/Magazines_and_E-zines.

Thank you.

This category is for sites which primarily offer FAQs, help, and tutorials about various photography techniques to beginners and advanced photographers.
High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or just HDR) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques.
The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows.
For sites offering technical information and techniques on infrared photography.

Photographers showing their infrared photographs should submit their site to the Photographers subcategory.

Sites not offering content in English should be submitted to a suitable category in the proper language in World.

Thank you.

This category is for sites offering information and tips on using the infrared light spectrum, invisible to the human eye, to produce photographs.
The lomo is a little Russian compact camera, it comes from St. Petersburg. The lomo-philosophy is perfectly described by the 10 golden rules of lomography. 1. Take your LOMO everywhere you go.
2. Use it at any time - day and night.
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it.
4. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible.
5. Don't think.
6. Be fast.
7. You don't have to know beforehand what is captured on your film.
8. You don't have to know it afterwards either.
9. Shoot from the hip.
10. Don't care about rules.

Please submit only sites that offer tips and techniques on how to take wildlife photographs.
This category is not for sites showing collections of photographs.
Please submit such sites to Arts: Photography: Photographers: Nature.
If you are offering prints for sale online, please submit your site to Shopping: Visual Arts: Photography.
Such sites will NOT be listed in Arts: Photography.

This is a category for learning about how to take wildlife photographs. Tips, techniques and how-to's are all acceptable content.

Important: Despite what it says on the submission form, sites in this category that display the work of a single photographer are titled by the photographer''s name formatted Last Name, First Name. Informational sites of those featuring the work of more than one photographer are titled by the name of the site.

If the primary purpose of your site is to sell prints, please submit your site to a suitable Shopping subcategory.

If the text on your site is not offered in English, the please submit to a suitable category in the proper language in World.

Thank you.

This category includes sites displaying night photography or tips for night photographers.
Please submits sites to this category which are primarily exhibits of panorama photos or tips and techniques for panoramic photography.

Sites selling photographs should use the add URL form at Shopping/Visual_Arts/Photography .

Sites selling services for producing virtual reality tours on websites should use the add URL form at Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Authoring/Online_Tools .

Companies that create virtual tours should submit their sites to Computers/Virtual_Reality/QTVR_and_Pre-rendered_VR/Companies.

Virtual tours created for real estate should be submitted to Computers/Software/Industry-Specific/Real_Estate/Virtual_Tour/.

If your site is not in English, please submit it to the appropriate country in World .

Panoramic photography presents a view of an area encompassing from 180 degrees to a full circle of 360 degrees. Panoramic photographs can be shot with a special camera with a rotating scanning lens which produces an image of the scanned area on a curved plate or film. Panoramic photographs can also be shot with photographic techniques without any special equipment.
Information on pinhole (lensless) photography, including history, techniques, how-to guides, and sources of materials.
Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium format cameras; it usually requires the use of special lenses.
Exhibits of and information related to artistic expression using all types of "toy cameras," including plastic lens Holga, Diana, Dorie, Debonair, Lubitel, Banner, Snappy, and Yunon; plus toy digital cameras including Barbie, Game Boy, and Jam Cams.
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