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The primary focus of your site has to be on Photography. It should be evident that you consider yourself to be a photographer. Collections of snapshots, or sites featuring images of poor technical quality will NOT be listed anywhere in Arts/Photography.

If the identity of the photographer is secondary or of no importance, and the intent of your site is simply to show pictures of a particular topic, please submit your site to that topic''s category and not to Arts/Photography.

IMPORTANT: If the site is about a single photographer, please title it with the photographer''s name, or the artist name / nickname, NOT the site name. The format is Last Name, First Name, i.e. Smith, John. Sites about several photographers (Groups) can be titled with the group''s name, or the site title.

For general guidelines about submitting sites anywhere in Arts/Photography, please see the Arts: Photography description.

If you are offering prints for sale online, please submit your site to an appropriate subcategory of Shopping: Visual Arts: Photography: Exhibits. Such sites will NOT be listed in Arts/Photography.

Business: Arts and Entertainment: Photography: Photographers is for photographers whose web sites focus on photographic services they can provide to clients. These photographers are available for hire to create images for a client.

A minimum of 10 photographs related to this category should be shown on your site.

Thank you!

A 'Black and White' category is for exhibits consisting primarily of black and white photographs. A few color images may be included if they are the extreme minority. This category is for photography sites that feature primarily collections of urban photographs. It can include cityscapes, architecture, street scenes, or other subjects related to urban life.
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