If you tell stories out loud, in front of an audience, whether around a campfire or in a classroom, at a board meeting, or in the car, you're a storyteller. Storytelling is part of the oral tradition. Tales are told-- which is why this category is part of the Performing Arts Directory. If you WRITE stories, you're a writer. Check out the Arts: Online Writing category. Yes, filmmakers and novelists and the creative folks in advertising are storytellers, too-- but they aren't performing artists. You'll find them listed elsewhere.
Interested in the art of live storytelling? There may be a group of storytellers and story listeners in your area. These groups may promote and encourage storytelling as an art form in itself, or in the process of developing self-esteem, cultural awareness, and/or literacy.
College programs, coursework, residencies, and workshops in the art of storytelling.
Please submit only sites for classes or programs teaching how to be a storyteller. If you are a professional storyteller who happens to teach, please submit under Arts:Performing Arts:Storytelling:Professional Storytellers. If your programs are for folklore, please submit them to Society/Folklore/Academic_Departments/.
Storytelling festivals bring storytellers from near and far together for a day or weekend of live performances.
This section is for performers available to hire.
Please format site titles as performer Last name, First Name.
Looking for a story to share? The Open Directory Project has many sections devoted to the written word. This category provides links to those areas, divided by topic.
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