The Tap Dance category references sites about all aspects of tap dancing including tap dance history, events, audio and video of tap, discussion of tap dance. Quick Definition of Tap Dance - Tap dancing is a form of artistic expression that uses the foot (wearing special tap shoes with metal on the bottom) as a percussive instrument.
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Use this subcategory for professional and non-professional adult and children's ONGOING tap dance companies.
For now, this subcat will be used for all companies that perform tap dancing exclusively. Not all dancers get paid; it can be an amateur company as long as they''ve been together awhile.

Jazz plus tap companies should go under Jazz. Individuals who are well-known, even if they appear with or guest with a company, will go also into the Tap/People category, if they have achieved a level of prominence.

Pioneering African-american tap dancer (1878-1949). Well known for appearing in several films in the 30s and 40s, including several with Shirley Temple.