This category lists sites connected with swing dancing (as opposed to swing music which has its own category), and jive dancing. Why put the two together? Well, jive came out of swing dancing, there's heaps of crossover between the two styles and the people who dance them. So why not. For the sake of order in this directory at least, swing covers West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Lindyhop, Shag, Balboa and a whole lot of other related forms. Jive? (It's nothing to do with jive as a dialect, or the computer language of the same name). Rather, it's the types of partner dance based on a style originating in Northern America during the 1950's. Usually danced to rock and roll music e.g. by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. In the last few years there has been something of a jive revival, especially in parts of Europe and Australia and New Zealand where the French-style of jive has become popular and the music danced to is not always rock'n'roll - although the basic dance steps remain. This category will also list sites with information about any or all types of jive dancing.