dance n 1: an artistic form of nonverbal communication 2: a party of people assembled for dancing 3: taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music [syn: dancing, terpsichore] v 1: move in a graceful and rhythmical way 2: move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance [syn: trip the light fantastic] 3: skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways; "Dancing flames"; "The children danced with joy"

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Music for dance.
Welcome to ODP-Ballet: the premiere repository of sites for all things ballet. The Internet contains an enormous amount of Ballet Dance information. Perhaps too much. Personal pages are going through an explosion. Every week, a new dance/ballet site is created by an amateur dancer, eager to show off their personal photos and opinions. You are more than welcome to join this category and help us organize the wonderful world of Ballet. You will not regret it!
Please submit sites dealing with this ballet, including performance notes, studies, and reviews.
Sites listed in the Ballroom Dance category will provide information on the dance style, competitions, dancers, education and training, and dance venues. Please be sure that the suggested site is in English and meets the standard acceptable requirements for content. Sites not available in English should be suggested to the most appropriate World category. Please check for the most appropriate subcategory prior to submitting. Ballroom dancing is a style of partner dance that includes but is not limited to the waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, viennese waltz, cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble and jive. Couples typically follow a conventional pattern of steps for the various dances.
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Butoh Dance is a Japanese avant-garde dance movement initiated by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno in the 1950s.
There are 7 classical dance styles of India. Each are spiritual in nature, and originate from the Natya Shastra (ca.3000 B.C.) which is the Treatise based on the essences of the 4 Great Vedas; the Atharva Veda, Sam Veda, Yajur Veda and Rig Veda. These dances are still very popular in each metropolis of India and in the relevant region of India in which they have been danced for centuries. There are several dance schools for each type of dance style, both in India and abroad. The dance styles covered here are - Bharata Natyam (from Tamil Nadu) - Kathak (from Uttar Pradesh and Jaipur) - Kathakali (from Kerala) - Kuchipudi (from Andhra Pradesh) - Manipuri (from Manipur) - Mohiniattam (from Kerala) - Odissi (from Orissa)
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Dance Technology, covering more than just dance software and notation tools, is an intimate extension of Dance itself covering performance projects that push the boundaries of technology.
Thanks to democracy and free market, willfull choice abounds. Links can be very useful to an individual in search of information. What you may not deem as "useful content" may very well be a gold mine to someone else.
Informational sites about disco dancing.
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Drill teams are precision groups that specialize in movement accompanied to music, either as a band or or selected music. Also included in this category are dance teams, similar to drill teams in that they perform precision routines, without the use of batons, rifles, flags, or most equipment drill teams incorporate. Dance teams also incorporate studio type technique into their routines, while drill teams are more of a marching band choreography style.
Please submit websites focused on dance or drill teams. This includes team websites, major associations, merchandise links, and helpful sites that will benefit drill team members, dancers, and coaches.
Information on learning opportunities in dance.

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Webster's definition of folk dance includes
  • A traditional dance originating among the common people of a nation or region.
  • The music accompanying a folk dance.
  • A social gathering at which folk dances are performed.

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Historical dances are old dances that have been reconstructed from the contemporary records such as books and manuscripts, paintings or drawings, and film. The dances themselves may be reconstructions from written or notated choreographies, or dances in an old style using steps and movements appropriate to the period.
If a site is also relevant to earlier dance, such as baroque or renaissance, please submit it to the Arts: Performing Arts: Dance: Historical category, which covers all periods.
Jazz dance is a form of personal expression created and sustained through improvisation. It has a heritage that can be traced to its African origin through a period of American vernacular dance to today's theatrical dancing. It has certain defining characteristics, including improvisation, isolation, a centrifugal explosion of energy that radiates outward from the hips, and a propulsive rhythm that gives a swinging quality to the movement
Middle Eastern dance is based on the folkloric traditions of the Middle East and North Africa. Raqs sharqi is the more traditional form, tribal is a modern American derivative and cabaret is the term used for more Hollywood style performances.
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Sites relating to the dance art form known as modern or contemporary dance.
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Morris is a traditional dance form from England. It is a ritual or performance dance rather than a social dance. There are various different types of Morris Dancing originating from different areas of the country. Although most styles are now performed by sides all over the country and around the world.
Please submit any sites relating to Morris Dance, including historical information, dance notation, etc... Individual team sites should usually be submitted to one (only one) of the sub-categories whichever is most appropriate. If you are submitting a team site, please remember you are submitting a description of the website not a description of the side. So please include such details as whether the site contains, things such as an events programme, photograph album, contact details, side history, dance notations, etc... Do also include some basic details of the side though, in particular the gender(men/women/mixed) and the location (town or village and county and country if outside UK). Do not repeat the name of the side in the description if it is in the title. Thanks.
Information on associations, collectives, or groups of people who educate, promote and/or provide services in the field of dance.

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This represent a wide diversity of dance that is hard to categorize except through the idea of various forms of self-development or spirituality and/or merely common association. Sacred Circle and Circle Dance is often used as a generic title as it tends to be inclusive, though movements such as International Folk Dancing, Dances of Universal Peace, Taize and Paneurhthmy are separate and distinct. A common feature is that many subscribe to the idea that the dance forms confer some form of spiritual, esoteric or therapeutic benefit rather than merely being recreational. There may be associations with aromatherapy, reiki, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and various new age beliefs and practices. While the ideas may be drawn from various religions, spiritualities, alternative health concepts, etc, it is dance and movement that is seen as the raison d'etre. This can be compared with, say, Sufi-ism where the dance is secondary to the religion. This category thus incorporates those groups who recreate dances without being dedicated followers of the movement from which they are taken. Sacred Circle Dance originally only emphasized the importance of the spiritual concepts behind traditional folk dances whilst Circle dance groups did folk dancing as a recreation. Since then both have grown closer together but have also broadened the types of dance that are encompassed and are often difficult to distinguish from each other and hence are grouped in a single Circle Dance sub-category. As a result of a loose association with the exploratory aspects of the New Age movement, particular dances (such as the 5Rhythms) established themselves as being separate. It should be noted that dance groups in this category may offer other genres as part of their repertoire, as opposed to those that concentrate on them.
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This category lists sites connected with swing dancing (as opposed to swing music which has its own category), and jive dancing. Why put the two together? Well, jive came out of swing dancing, there's heaps of crossover between the two styles and the people who dance them. So why not. For the sake of order in this directory at least, swing covers West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Lindyhop, Shag, Balboa and a whole lot of other related forms. Jive? (It's nothing to do with jive as a dialect, or the computer language of the same name). Rather, it's the types of partner dance based on a style originating in Northern America during the 1950's. Usually danced to rock and roll music e.g. by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. In the last few years there has been something of a jive revival, especially in parts of Europe and Australia and New Zealand where the French-style of jive has become popular and the music danced to is not always rock'n'roll - although the basic dance steps remain. This category will also list sites with information about any or all types of jive dancing.
This directory presents pages with general information about Tango. For information about a specific country or region, see the regional subcategory.
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The Tap Dance category references sites about all aspects of tap dancing including tap dance history, events, audio and video of tap, discussion of tap dance. Quick Definition of Tap Dance - Tap dancing is a form of artistic expression that uses the foot (wearing special tap shoes with metal on the bottom) as a percussive instrument.
Thank you for considering submitting a site for the Tap Dance category of the Open Directory Project. Please make sure the site you would like to submit is directly related to, and primarily about the art of Tap Dance. The site you submit should offer original content or a different perspective than already listed sites. Thank you and good luck with your submission.
Form of belly dancing heavily influenced by several different ethnic styles such as North African, Spanish, Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Bollywood, classical Indian, plus more recent dance influences such as firedancing, goth, industrial and contemporary dance. It tends to be darker and more elemental. One attempt at classification described the dancers as the "girls from the bike shed". The movement probably started in California in the 70's with Gothic bellydance. American Tribal (ATS) is a form of tribal belly dance developed by Carolena Nericcio of FatchanceBellydance in San Francisco, and has been very influential worldwide.
Articles and information where the primary focus is tribal and tribal fusion dance.