This category is for sites related to comedians/humorists, past and present, performing musical comedy.

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  • Please submit your comedian-related site here if the comedian is primarily doing musical comedy. Spoken comedy is fine, but there MUST be a musical element.
  • Individual artists should be listed by surname, comma, first name [e.g. Jones, David].
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  • Please ensure your description actually describes what is on the site, not how "wonderful" the act is. State if the site has audio clips, album information, etc., plus a BRIEF description of the type of musical comedy performed. Self-aggrandizing hyperbole will be deleted.
Sites dedicated to the 50's and 60's musical comedy team, Flanders and Swann.
Sites submitted here must be dedicated to the 50''s and 60''s musical comedy team, Flanders and Swann.
Sites about musical comedian Stephen Lynch.
Submit sites about this performer. This includes articles, reviews and fan sites.
Comedy troupe from Edmonton, Alberta. Songs/skits include The White House Burned (The War of 1812) and Welcome to the Internet Help Desk.
Pop and musical comedy act.
Please submit sites about Vince Vance and the Valiants to this category.