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Submit sites listing groups of journals which share a unifying characteristic.
Groups of journals listed together under unifying criteria. Each burb has an owner, and then a list of residents. To become a resident member, you need to apply to the owner of the burb. Also know as Lists.
Submit only journals which have two or more authors working together and writing about a common theme.
Journal collaborations are formed when online journallers come together to discuss a common theme. This does not mean simply a list of links, but journallers working and writing together.
Submit collections of journals, which have been written and are operated separately.
Journal Collections are sites that have collections of related links to online journals. These journals might be on a particular subject or theme, but they are written independently and operated that way as well.
Please submit to either
  • a subject category, or
  • a letter category, based on the first initial of your last name.

Before submitting, please read and follow the journal submission guidelines. For example, submissions must follow the "Lastname, Firstname - Title" format.

Online journals written by a single author, focusing on the life, thoughts, and actions of that author.
Submit resources which will help users maintain an online journal, whether it be writing resources, technical resources, or webspace resources.
Resources required to set up and maintain an online journal. Writing resources, technical resources, webspace resources - you name it, it's here.
Submit collections of journals that can be found through a circular set of links between sites. Other collections of journals belong either in the Burbs or Collections category.
Journal web rings are collections of online journals that can be found through a circular set of links between sites. This is a popular method to increase traffic/readership of individual journals.
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