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Please do not submit sites for groups that are not affiliated with a school. Groups of the K-12 age group but independent of any educational institution should submit to Arts/Music/Vocal/A Cappella/Bands and Artists/Semi-Pro and Recreational Groups.
There is currently no description created for this category.
A great place to register your Barbershop Harmony group, organization or resource. Please look for the appropriate category and submit your site there.
Here you can find links to barbershop harmony groups, organizations and resources from all over the world. These links open up the Barbershop world, providing information on four-part a cappella harmony for both beginners and professionals.
Places on the web to discuss a cappella music.
Category relating to percussion performed vocally (using lips, tongue, voice, etc); the art of imitating percussion instruments using only the human voice.

Also called "mouth drumming" and "beatbox" (or "beatboxing"); or slang: vocal perc or simply "VP".

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