For the ways in which technology and engineering support musical performance and recording, as well as means of musical expression arising directly from technological processes. Examples include amplifiers, audio processors, loudspeakers, mixing boards, MIDI controllers, samplers, sequencers, synthesizers, and analog and digital recorders as well as software supporting these and other devices.
Relating to electronic methods used to increase the loudness of musical instruments, including technologies such as microphones, pickups, transducers, mixers, amplifiers, preamps, and loudspeakers.

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Relating to the playback of recordings. Includes consumer audio equipment and design, karaoke, and radio broadcast technology.
Audio recording technology is focused on the equipment and theory involved in taking sound and capturing it for reproduction. Audio recording technology has a rich history, spanning 150 years of commercial development.
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Sites pertaining to the technology of instruments, particularly those that are electronic (sounds are produced solely by electronic circuits) and electric (produce an acoustic sound but amplification is required to render their full tone).