Traditional Pop refers to a style of music that was most popular during the 1930s, 40s and 50s. It showed little or no influence from rock and roll, blues, country or folk music as opposed to theatre music such as Broadway and Vaudeville, or traditional jazz. Some original Traditional Pop artists remain popular in dedicated theaters such as those in Branson, Missouri. Since the 1980s, new performers have appeared in the style, and many modern artists have adopted the style for a recording or two before returning to conventional pop or rock. Often performed by a vocalist or singing group with orchestra or jazz-style combo, but not with prominent electric guitar.
Performers of Traditional Pop music, including solo vocalists, vocal groups, instrumentalists, and band leaders. Many of these artists also appeared in film and on stage due to the popularity of musicals during the golden age of Traditional Pop, and that some are thought of more as actors than singers today.
Composers and lyricists of classic mainstream American pop.