Punk rock. The name says it all. Energetic and usually with an active dislike for established forms of music, politics and fashion. Most fans of Punk Rock or some of its many offshoots (hardcore, straight-edge, emo, grindcore, etc) are devoted to their music and lifestyle. The driving force that keeps punk rock fresh is it's individuality and the ability to "Do It Yourself" (also known as the D.I.Y. ethic).
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Sites of punk bands and artists.
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A place for online galleries of punk rock flyers, handbills and posters.
Bands, Record Labels, Scene Reports, and anything else that contains relevant information about the music style of hardcore punk.
This is a category for sites devoted to the transcription and listing of lyrics of punk bands.
For online (e-zine) and offline (paper) magazines dealing with punk music and those who make it.
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Websites about Oi! and street punk music (without political deviations from the original subculture).
The main focus of your web page should be about Oi! and street punk music (without political deviations from the original subculture).
A place for picture galleries of punk bands and punk rockers.
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For punk rock or related radio shows, including both on-air and online broadcasts.
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Modern riot Grrrl is essentially a feminist, anti-racist/homophobic/judgemental and DIY/activist movement. However, you will probably find that there are as many views on Riotgrrrl as there are riotgrrrls. It all started as an underground feminist movement, which created a feminist form of musical expression. Starting in the late 1980s, it reached its peak (of media attention) in 1992. Because of the medias distorted reflections of riotgrrrl (see the early 90s 'Girl Power' debacle) the movement has more recently drawn back from the media and now exists as an international subculture network. nb//Riot Grrrl is a non-commercial movement. Sites of small DIY businesses are okay, but sites of money grubbers will be rejected.
The category for all Riotgrrrl sites... ...chapters...zines...distros...projects...networking... BUT not band sites! - please put them in the appropriate category!
Straight Edge ( SxE ), is both a musical movement and a way of life. This section is focused on the musical movement know as straight-edge which is a sub-group of the hardcore punk music style. SxE bands are those who promote a drug free way of life. Many sXe people are also vegetarian and even vegan, which means they don't consume any product that was made with animals, including for example milk or honey.
This category is for tablature for punk rock music and all it's subgenres. The tablature can be for drums, bass or guitar.