For sites relating to music composed for or sung by a choir, which is defined as an organized group of singers in which each part is sung by more than one singer. Includes various styles such as classical, church music, and early music.
This is the category for composers specializing in choral music, mainly classical or "art," including religious.
Sites about classical composers in general should be sent to Arts: Music: Composition: Composers instead.
This is the category for choral festivals.
Choral organizations organize choral activities, eg. choir coordination or international activities.
Submit a site to this category if its subject is a choral organization.
Most "Performing Groups" call themself "choir" or some variety like "chorus", "chorale" or "choral society". Smaller groups, like trios or quartets, are also considered performing groups.
Performing Groups, eg. Choirs, should be submitted to the appropriate subcategory. If a group is regionally interesting, a duplicate submission can be made to the relevant Regional or World category.
This category points to choral resurces with regional interest, written in English - the listed categories may contain sites also listed in the general choral categories.
Sites should not be submitted here, rather to the correct regional category.
Resources which are or could be useful in connection with choral activities.
Submit sites containing resources which are or could be useful in connection with choral activities.
Choral sound files, streamed or downloadable, in various formats, e.g. WAV, MP3, Real Audio and MIDI.
This category contains sites or pages that specialize in choral sound files. Sites containing other sound file ''styles'' should be suggested to a suitable subcategory of Arts/Music/Sound_Files.