This category holds subcategories for various styles of music, as well as sites concerned with the way genres, types, and styles may be organized. Characterizing performers and performances by style makes the vast subject of music easier to discuss and understand. Styles may include genres such as classical, rock and jazz; subgenres such as classical/opera, rock/metal, and jazz/ragtime; and types of music such as choral, Native American, and holiday. Genres may be defined by technical aspects such as instrumentation, harmony, melody, rhythm, and form, or according to schemes devised by writers and critics. Music types may be defined by these criteria as well as others such as subject matter, chronology, or performance context, and may cut across genre lines.
Bands and Artists covering more than one style should be submitted to the appropriate letter in Arts: Music: Bands and Artists.

Online music stores should be submitted to the appropriate category in Shopping. Stores that cater to particular styles of music should be submitted to Music: Specialty or one of its subcategories.

Sites that deal more with the business side of music, particularly sites that are aimed more at music professionals than the general public, should be submitted to the appropriate category in Business: Industries: Arts and Entertainment: Music.

For sites focused on the music and/or artists of specific decades such as the 1940s or 1950s, and for links to artists evoking the popular culture of a particular decade.