Associations, organizations, and societies specializing in some aspect of music. Most music organizations are non-profit in status, and all have regular meetings and / or conferences and a board of directors who oversee operations.
The vast majority of music organizations focus around a specialty that is already categorized by ODP. Thus, unless there is no suitable category concerning the specialty (i.e., collecting, folklore, musicology, choral societies), please do not submit sites directly to this category.

Music industry sites (i.e., touring, promotion, production, and talent agencies) belong in the appropriate subcategory of Business/Industries/Arts_and_Entertainment/Music .

And finally, please only submit sites in English. Sites in other languages should be submitted to the appropriate language in World.

Music organizations focused on the music of one particular composer.
Please only submit sites for official societies focused on one composer. Do not submit band websites, personal music pages, or composer resumes.
Contains links to open directory categories featuring organizations focusing on individual musical instruments. Such categories include the clarinet, bagpipes, and harmonica.
Please submit sites only to the appropriate instrument subcategory (i.e., bagpipes, clarinet, flute, harp). If you don''t find the instrument listed, please submit the site to the correct instrument under Arts/Music/Instruments
Societies centered around a particular performer of music.
Most sites about performers belong in Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists/ . This category is only for professional societies focused around the work of a single performer.
Contains links to open directory categories featuring organizations focusing on specific musical styles. Such categories include choral, country, and celtic music.
Please submit sites only to the appropriate style subcategory (i.e., indian classical, experimental, country). If you don''t find the style listed, please submit the site to the correct style under Arts/Music/Styles.
Organizations that pertain to music censorship. Music censorship contains, but is not limited to, attempts to ban, edit, or restrict specific songs, artists, styles, record labels, music technologies, or music associations. Music censorship organizations either actively engage in censorship, or actively oppose it.
Listing of countries with music organization categories in Open Directory.
Do not submit sites here -- instead, submit to the correct region in Regional.
Societies of composers, authors and publishers manage performing and reproduction rights of composers, lyricists, songwriters and music publishers (among others).