This section lists web sites that webcast live and/or on-demand music videos or offer useful and related information.
When submitting URLs to Art: Music: Music Videos: Streaming, please make sure your Site meets at least one of the following points:

1. The Site''s main purpose is streaming music videos;

2. There is a substantial number of music videos on the Site;

3. The content is original and has an unique value to visitors;

4. The videos streamed are closely related to music (Example: interviews, news, events, Artist/music movies);

5. The site offers rich and valuable information on music videos and streaming.

Do not submit:

1. Artist, Record Label or fan sites that don''t contain a large collection of viewable music videos;

2. Sites that are listing a limitend number of links to external music videos and don''t have any original content;

3. A Site if most of the video links are broken.

If you have read the guidelines and still think this is the place for your Site to be listed, please submit it and we''ll be happy to review it for consideration!